Fire Damage

Canada Mat. & Labour has restoration expertise and years of experience restoring homes that have been exposed to fire and or smoke. Our staff are trained and certified to deal with all recoverable property from family heirlooms to personal items of endearment, and when a piece of property is determined salvageable we won't stop working until your heirloom, keepsake is returned to pristine condition. Our fire restoration services can involve the following process:

Restoration Process

  1. Initial Damage Assesment
  2. Finalze costs of rebuilding, demolition, structural repairs and alterations
  3. Buiding Dedorization
  4. Content Handling
  5. Project Coordination with timetable
  6. Help homeowners with decorating and cosmetic decisions for all flooring, cabinetry, wall coverings, and general floor plan design.

Our staff are trained to deal with all levels of restoration, we are professionals and will be with you every step of the way removing any and all of your fears and concerns.