Water Damage

Canada Mat. & Labour has extensive experience in working with property that has been exposed to water damage. As a water restoration specialist our first step is to minimize the damage. Some procedures are obvious; others require foresight and experience.
The following services are included in a water restoration job.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Deodorization,Water Extraction & Drying Services
  • State of the Art Drying Equipment and Techniques
  • Carpets, Walls, Floors, Structures, Furniture, Artwork & Contents Drying
  • Moisture Detection and Measuring Instruments
  • Super Turbo Dryers, Commercial Dehumidifiers & Humidity Evacuators
  • Books, Records & Documents Freeze Drying
  • Prevent and remove mold & mildew
  • Structure Repair, Dry Wall, Painting
  • Debris Removal
  • Hard Wood Floor Restoration and Drying
  • New Carpet & Flooring Replacements
  • Electronics/Computer Restoration

The harmful effect of water can be reduced with professional restoration services and wise action.